Teen Hospitalized After Dog Attack

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PANAMA CITY - Bay County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a dog attack that sent a teenage boy to the hospital.

It happened at Betty Louise Drive in Panama City around 5:45 Sunday night.

The 5 year old dog named Buster Brown is a Doberman-Shepherd mix-breed.

He's still at the home where 14-year-old Logan Edwards was bitten.

Deputies say several of the neighborhood children were playing by the woods when the attack happened.

The dog's owner says Edwards was rough housing with Buster, that's when the dog bit the boy's legs and arms.

The teen's dad rushed him to the hospital.

The dog's owner tells NewsChannel 7 that Edwards' injuries are not life-threatening.

She also says Buster has never shown signs of aggression.

Animal control is scheduled to come by Monday to pick up the dog.

Deputies at the Bay County Sheriff's Office say they did request animal control to come by Sunday night.

NewsChannel 7 is told animal control verbally told the dog's owner to quarantine him Sunday night at home.