The Heart Strings for Heroes Tour Comes to Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH -- The Heart Strings for Heroes RV made its way into Panama City Beach Saturday afternoon.

Panama City Beach is the first of 16 cities across the United States the RV will make its stop.

The "Strings Across America" campaign honors a Purple Heart recipient.

The recipient is honored with a custom edition "Strings Across America" guitar.

The gift is a form of "instrument of healing" for a veteran hero.

Saturday afternoon, James Copeland, a Vietnam veteran and two-time Purple Heart recipient received the honor.

"I'm still in shock right now from it," said Copeland. "I never imagined it happening. It's been a long time since that war, but it's just like it was yesterday too. For this to happen to me today, I am very happy about it and I will be smiling for a long time about it too."

The next stop on the Strings Across America tour is Biloxi, Mississippi

If you want to contribute to Strings Across America you can go into any Wells Fargo bank and say you would like to donate to the "Strings Across America Fund," or you can go to their website: