Thousands shop at Dillard's for annual New Year's sale

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Over 6,000 items for women, 2,000 items for men, 900 home items and 400 hand bags were on sale Friday at Dillard's.

NewsChannel 7 asked two young shoppers, "What are you guys doing here today?"

Bella Ray & Brinley Hendricks responded,"We are shopping."

That seemed to be the case for hundreds of people on New Year's day.

Abe Martin, a first time New Year's day shopper said, "I got a lot of good deals today, I was able to buy pretty much a blazer at a decent price."

Dillard's at the Panama City Mall opened up an hour earlier Friday morning, to a line wrapped around the building.

Bryanna Kinney a local shopper said, "I just keep running into people and I'm just trying to find my way around."

All 90 Dillard's employees were on schedule to work Friday and extra security was brought in.

"There's a lot of people in there," said Tenisha Houston.

Martin agrees, "Yeah there is, but I think they maintained the crowd pretty good."

Those who waited until for crowds to die down didn't have the same shopping experience.

"I got some stuff that I was looking for, but other stuff it just wasn't here," said Morgan Vaughn.

"Everything was like sold out," said Kinney. "So I didn't really find anything anything I was looking for," said

For some, the deals were a steal.

All merchandise was an additional 50 percent off.

"I like the polo sale,"said Martin. "Actually I got this really cute Florida State beanie hat that was only $10," said Houston.

"Even though were not a Florida State fans," said Martin. "But we're going to be a Florida State fan for $10."

"It didn't look cheap, but it was cheap," said Hendricks.

"A lot of the Nike stuff was sold out, and I wish I could have got some," said Vaughn.

Shoppers are offering advice for the 2017 One-Day-Only sale.

" I would probably come earlier," said Vaughn,

"Watch out and be careful," said Bella Ray & Brinley Hendricks. "There are a lot of people. Like watch out were you're going if you have any babies you need to keep them safe."