Tyndall Welcomes New Unit

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Despite the nation's budget for military tightening, officials at Tyndall air force base are making a proud announcement.

They're activating the 101st Air Communications Squadron.
It's been more than a year since three separate groups joined forces to become what is now the 101st Air Commanders Squadron.

Lt. Col. David Wiley says, "it really feels good, it's good to have an identity, good to be recognized as a formal organization within the Air Force structure."

The unit will work with the numbered air force as well as the air operations center behind the scenes; providing I-T support, civil and logistical support, as well as weapons system testing.

Chief Master Sgt. Bruce Griswold of the Squadron says, "it's those behind the scene forces and it's people working their magic that really makes thing happen and personally I'm extremely proud to be a part of this organization and see the culmination of the support piece stand up as it's own squadron, it's own unit."

Before the unit became official, there were different groups that were used for communications systems. But now, officials say the efforts will be more streamlined with the three groups joining forces.

"All the groups had worked together before in one form or fashion, but the focus of each group was a little bit different." Says Tech Sergeant Michael Wilson, "now we fall in line with all the AOCs out there. All the other AOCs, they have an ACOM taking care of all their communication systems and we didn't have that and now we fall in line with the rest of the Air Force."

The group is a combination of personnel from the Airforce's Northern Communications directorate, the 702nd Computer Systems Squadron and the 101st Air and Space Operations Group.