Washington County School Board Discuss Dress Code

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WASHINGTON COUNTY-- Washington School District Officials met earlier Monday to discuss making some changes to their school dress code.

Right now, administrators says the current policy is somewhat hard to enforce.

Leggings and running shorts have become a dress code problem for many administrators in Washington County schools this year.

"They can pull them down and they'll meet finger tip when they come up and see me," said Chipley High School Assistant Principal Nancy Holley. "But then they will pull them back up or roll them up, even when they go out for the rest of the day, and so there's not a whole lot of control over that."

Even without the students interfering, officials say the current dress code is confusing because of the different height, weight and body shape of students.

"Currently we have a policy that deals with the length of attire such as shorts or skirts, dealing with the fingertip length, and we've heard time and time again that, that is very hard to enforce," explained School Board Chair Milton Brown.

The constant change in fashion is another problem.

"We have to look at those things and make a policy so that if the styles change at the stores and in the community, then, but our policy can still be enforced based on what we've put in place," said Brown.

The school board was presented with policies from surrounding school districts. The board mentioned removing shorts or wearing polos with khakis and jeans.

"It's more than just not showing any skin and things like that, but we want them to learn that they need to dress in a way that when they get out into the real world, they need to learn that they're going to have to dress appropriately for the business world," Brown said.

Officials say they likely will not remove shorts.

School administrations will present an amended copy of the dress code to the board during an upcoming public hearing.