Wausau Resident Attacked by Three Dogs

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WAUSAU-- A Wausau resident is recovering after being attacked by several dogs. Town officials say they realize there is a problem with animals running loose, and they're trying to get a handle on it.

They're saying loose and stray dogs have been an issue for a long time and don't think enough is being done to corral the four-legged problem.

Whenever Wausau resident Velda Nunno is out riding her bike or walking her dogs, she says she has to be cautious, and on the lookout for stray animals.

"There is because some have been aggressive toward us. We've never been bitten or attacked by any kind of stray animal, but we have encountered some that, that we know belong to people but just aren't being contained and they have shown aggression," said Nunno.

Three rottweiler mixed breed dogs recently attacked one resident.

"They kinda slipped up on her from behind and she turned around and the big dog got her by the hand. Just had a dog bite to her right hand. Sunk a couple of teeth in it and it's bruised up real bad," Mayor BJ Phillips said.

The owner of the three dogs was told they needed to be quarantined for 10 days. Nunno says she's not shocked by the incident.

"No one does anything to enforce it. I'm not even sure if we have a leash law here in this town. I think when you get into a rural area like this a lot of times people just think well my, you know, my dogs not gonna hurt anybody, it's not gonna harm anybody. It's okay if i just let it go," said Nunno.

Town officials say this was the first dog attack and admit it's hard to enforce their animal control ordinance because they lack the man power.

"You have to have your dogs have the shots. Have the rabies shots. Have to have a tag on them. Have to have a collar. If they're outside of an enclosed area, they're suppose to be on a leash," explained Mayor Phillips.

Phillips says soon they will go back and look at the ordinance and if they find dogs not in compliance, they will begin to fine their owners. Mayor Phillips also says the three dogs will have to be removed from the town. NewsChannel 7 did visit the home of the dogs owner, but no one was available for comment.