Weather STEM System Comes to Emerald Coast Middle School

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WALTON COUNTY-- It all started when 6th grade teacher Leigh Glenn wanted to engage her students about weather.

"Weather is taught in almost every grade level, but it is very intensive in 6th grade," she said.

Glenn found Weather STEM online, and applied.

"I really talked about promoting STEM here, and they were like, this is an ideal place, and that's how I got it," said Glenn.

"It was very easy for us based on our understanding of how strong the curriculum was at the school here," CEO of Weather Stem Ed Mansouri said. "And we very easily named Emerald Coast Middle School that this was going to be the site we were going to donate the system to in Walton County."

Emerald Coast Middle School is the 25th school in the state to receive this donated weather system.

Weather STEM hopes to donate one weather system into one school in every county through out the state by the end of 2015.

"Every kid from the time they enter kindergarten can relate to weather," Mansouri said. "They can understand it is hot and cold. So being able to teach and use live weather data is something we think will increase the engagement."

The Weather STEM unit is a full-service weather station that measures everything from wind speed to soil moisture to solar radiation; giving both teachers and students live weather data from their area.

"These are instruments they can look at and that they can see in the school yard and then they can see the data readings on the computer," Mansouri said.

Not only are the students excited about this new system, but Glenn is thrilled students at Emerald Coast will have this great learning opportunity.

"It is great. It really is great. We are excited about it," said Glenn.

Any other school in Walton County, can download the Weather STEM application and use the data from Emerald Coast Middle School and teach their students about weather.

If any other school in Walton County wants the actual weather system installed on their property, it costs $3,000.