WeatherSTEM System Installed at FPTC

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WASHINGTON COUNTY-- Anyone around the world can now get up-to-the minute weather updates about Washington County.

Officials with WeatherSTEM installed a weather station on the Florida Panhandle Technical College campus Friday. The station allows anyone to log on to the Washington County WeatherSTEM website and find exactly how much it rained, solar radiation, distance of the closest lightning strike, and the forecast.

School officials say the program will benefit students and the county as a whole.

"We applied for this unit in hopes of bringing the community an opportunity for a wonderful education," Kathy Nelson, who applied for the station, said. "And for our farmers, it's gonna help them in planning for when their gonna plant. When they're gonna harvest crops."

WeatherSTEM officials are giving away free weather stations to one school in each of the 67 counties. Washington County is number 46.