WeatherSTEM System Introduced to Kiwanis Club

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WASHINGTON COUNTY-- WeatherSTEM systems are currently being set up all around Florida.

Last month, Florida Panhandle Technical College was the lucky recipient in Washington County. Tuesday, the company's CEO spoke to the Kiwanis Club about how it not only benefits student education, but the community as well.

"Most of the people in our state, they really don't realize the value of agriculture", Farmer, Bruce Christmas, said. "In fact, it is really the stabilizing economic benefactor in this state."

Some of the challenges farmers face daily with planting and harvesting is getting a little easier, thanks to the WeatherSTEM station at the FPTC.

"Just the challenge of knowing what weather is going to be," Farmer David Solger explained. "The moisture conditions, humidity, et cetera. Just phenomenal. This will be an tremendous help in all areas of agriculture."

"We wanted to create something that would be good for the community at large," WeatherSTEM CEO, Ed Mansouri, explained. "So we're gonna be talking about how this information can be useful as far as managing an agriculture operation using the data to make decisions."

Mansouri says this weather station provides live, up to the minute data online about the county's weather, including wind speed and solar radiation. Local agriculturalists say its use will also provide economic benefits.

"I think it will make your agriculture system much more efficient. That will be financially and, of course, productivity too. If you know your weather in advance then you can plan. You can make your operation a lot more economically efficient," Christmas said.

Mansouri says he hopes to have one WeatherSTEM system in each school district statewide by the end of October.

If you're interested in learning more you can visit Washington County's WeatherSTEM web page.