Husband of murdered woman sues City of Parker

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Panama City - On October 2nd, Parker Police charged one of their own with murder.

Officer Mark Bomia is accused of brutally murdering the woman he'd lived with for more than two years.

Authorities believe 43 year old Mark Bomia was on duty when he stopped by Anna Beach's Arrow Street home on Thursday September 30th.

They say he claims he drew his gun and accidentally shot her after she made a sudden move, but investigators say Beach was also strangled.

Her body was found two days later in a wooded lot behind her home. Her clothes had been stripped from her body.

Jeff Beach had been married to Anna Beach for 13 years. They had four children together.

About three years ago they decide to separate. That's when Anna started dating Mark Bomia.

Jeff Beach claims Anna and Bomia's relationship was marked with domestic discord, but that Anna didn't speak up, fearing she'd lose custody of her four boys, but there was at least one report of domestic violence reported in January.

It wasn't until after her death that the couple's children began telling Jeff Beach the details of their mother and Bomia's relationship. He claims one of their fights involved one of the children.

"He was actually on duty and him and my wife got into it and he started beating on her, hitting her and everything, and my middle son tried to intervene and pull mark off of her. He slammed William against the wall and began to choke William until Anna pulled him off," said Beach.

Anna called Parker Police. An officer came out to her house and told her he would handle the situation, but Beach claims Bomia continued to harass his wife.

"I think he intimidated her, she kept a copy of his work schedule on her refrigerator just to know when he would be at work and when he wouldn't be at work, so I think even though she didn't let it be seen she was afraid," said Beach.

Beach says he's angry by the way the Parker City Police Department handled the investigation.

"I definitely believe there were mistakes made. I believe the case should of never been touched by parker. The minute they found something that was out of the norm bay county should of been called in because they knew it was a conflict of interest," said Beach.

So, Beach is now pursuing legal action against the city of Parker.

"What we're doing is requesting information from the Parker Police Department under public records to get the number of calls that were made to the Arrow Street residents and we've also asked for a personal file on officer Bomia and we will be sending out a statutory notice to them soon that we intend to initiate a law suit in a period of time that's required by the statue," said attorney, Waylon Thompson.

Parker Police officials declined our offer to comment on this case. The Bay County Sheriff's Office is now handling the murder investigation.

Bomia's being held in the Bay County Jail, without bond.

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