Witnesses Testify in Day Two of Barry Davis Trial

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WALTON COUNTY-- It was another busy day in the Walton County Courthouse, as jurors in the Barry Davis trial heard a number of statements from witnesses.

Both Walton and Bay County Sheriff's Officials took the stand to testify about their investigation when they were searching for both John Gregory Hughes and Heidi Rhodes three years ago.

"What appeared to be an empty house, it was all secured, and no body was there," Sgt. Matthew Maikowski of the Walton County Sheriff's Office said. "We looked around and nothing seemed out of the ordinary."

"Started speaking with neighbors, putting out brochures, putting out pamphlets got news releases done, and assisted the primary investigator," Lt. Mitchell Pitts the Bay County Sheriff's Office said.

One of Hughes' neighbors said days after Rhodes and Hughes went missing, he actually saw the defendant, Barry Davis, outside Hughes' home multiple times.

"I said, 'Where's Greg?' And he said he is in Barbados, and that they were going to put all their stuff in storage," Patrick Steven Davis said.

But maybe the biggest piece of evidence introduced Friday, several checks police say Davis tried to cash after forging Hughes' signature.

Hughes' family said in no way was that his signature on these checks.

"In my opinion, that is not his signature," Amy Hughes, Greg's sister, said. "He wrote in a more block style, and this has loops in the G and there is a loop in the H."

The defense rebutted saying unless you see someone's signature everyday, it could be hard to distinguish.

The trial will resume Monday morning.