Woman Claims She was Fired for Refusing to Sell Synthetic Drugs

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Blountstown, Fla. -- A Blountstown convenience store clerk is raising some serious concerns after she was fired this week. She claims her former employer forced her to sell drugs.

“First time I say something against it, or that I don’t feel as if I want to do that anymore, I’m fired” said Crystal, who lost her job over the incident.

Crystal, who did not want to appear on-camera says, management at the Sunoco gas station in Blountstown fired her Monday after she told customers synthetic drugs are bad for them.

“There’s spices, there’s cocaine baggies, pipes, scales, as a matter of fact, we even sell some of the ingredients used to manufacture meth” said Crystal.

Crystal claims hundreds of people buy the drugs for prices ranging between 15 to 30 dollars a package.

“The only reason it’s a gas station is because there’s gas pumps in front of the store, it’s more or less a head shop” said Crystal.

Blountstown police say cracking down on synthetic marijuana is a challenge because just one ingredient can change the drug from illegal to legal.

“If selling the legal product, there’s really nothing we can do, and just one ingredient change can make it an illegal product” said Chief Rodney Smith, Blountstown Police Department.

Blountstown police say they have investigated the synthetic marijuana issue at the Sunoco gas station before. In each of the previous cases, the drug was legal at the time. The police department has contacted the state attorney’s office to receive guidance in what they call gray areas of the synthetic drug laws.

“In my opinion, the law needs to be black and white, no gray. It’s either legal or not” said Chief Smith.

Despite losing her only form of income, Crystal says at least she’s got a clear conscience.

“It slowly but surely started making me feel like it was contributing to the drug habits of my community” said Crystal.

Police say they were able to get their hands on some of the synthetic marijuana while investigating a recent robbery at the gas station.

They plan to send the drug samples to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for testing. If the drug’s ingredients prove to be illegal, Blountstown police say they will take action on the gas station owner.

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