World Hijab Day Celebration in Panama City

PANAMA CITY-- Muslims across the world are celebrating World Hijab Day by inviting others to "try on a scarf."

World Hijab Day encourages Muslim and non-Muslim women to wear a hijab and experience what it is like to wear the headscarf.

To some, the hijab may be a symbol of female oppression, but many Muslim women say the headscarf is actually a symbol of religious beliefs.

Local Muslims say they are happy for the chance to share their religion with others in the community

"The idea is, it doesn't change who you are," Hiba Rahim explained. "We are Muslim people, we are Americans, and when you put a scarf on your head and you cover your body, but you still are a regular American. We should all be together. It really builds that bridge and creates harmony when people understand each other."

This is the third year World Hijab Day is being celebrated in the area. If you would like to find out more about the celebration, you can go to, search for "World Hijab Day" on Twitter or Facebook.

You can also find the local Islamic community online at