Woman Travels Across the World to Panama City for LASIK Surgery

PANAMA CITY-- When you think of world class medical care, cities like New York, Gainesville, Atlanta and Birmingham come to mind. Now, you can add Panama City to that list when it comes to eye care.

Mungunzui Enghbayer came to Panama City from Mongolia for her LASIK surgery at the Eye Center of North Florida this week.

Why Panama City?

Her sister, Zula, lives here and had the same surgery about six months ago. Zula was so impressed with how everything turned out, she insisted her sister travel from central Asia to have her vision corrected in Panama City.

"Her sister was kind enough to recommend me for the procedure and bring her in to take a look at her. Doing great. 20/20 this morning after barely seeing the eye chart yesterday so she doing very good," Dr. Bret Fisher said.

"And now I can read like kind of more little letters now. I just had the surgery yesterday so doing good right now," Enghbayher said.

She will have a final check next week prior to returning to Mongolia. But in the meantime, it's off to the movies for her, especially 3D movies without extra glasses.