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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposes state legalize recreational marijuana

There are currently 10 states in the country where recreational pot use is legal. Outside of California, New York would be the largest state to legalize.

Officer makes heartfelt plea to speeders after catching teen driving 100 mph

"They thought they were invincible too. They weren’t," the officer posted.

Care for dementia patients lags in some assisted care facilities

In California, 45 percent of assisted living facilities have violated one or more state dementia regulations during the past five years, a report finds.

Judge's ruling on Obamacare poses new problems for GOP

Health care was the top issue in November election ahead of immigration and the economy, according to VoteCast, an Associated Press national survey.

One state set to drop blood-alcohol limit to .05, strictest in country

An average-sized man reaches a .05 blood-alcohol level by having more than two standard drinks in the first hour and over one per hour after that.