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Crowds in Atlanta, D.C. and beyond protest George Floyd death

The White House was placed on lockdown as demonstrators chanted at a nearby park.

George Floyd death tests Minneapolis police chief

Medaria Arradondo is the first African American to lead the sometimes troubled department.

Mississippi mayor ignores calls to resign over comments on George Floyd's death

"What I said, came out in a way that I wish I said it differently," Hal Marx said at a special meeting Thursday night. "It wasn't to minimize that gentleman's death."

Lester Holt reflects on this moment in America

Lester Holt reflects on the crises facing America today: the staggering coronavirus death toll and an aching legacy of racial inequality.

New York City on track to begin reopening as San Francisco takes step back

If New York City meets certain health criteria, Governor Andrew Cuomo says, the city will be able to push forward with reopening on June 8. San Francisco’s stay-at-home order is extended indefinitely after a spike in coronavirus cases amid new concerns of outbreaks at Iowa and Oregon food plants.