Medical Monday

Medical Monday: Doctors urge women to take time for check-ups

Medical Monday: In utero blood transfusion performed in Panama City

Medical Monday: declutter your home and mind

Medical Monday: keeping tabs on your children

Medical Monday: Soothing crying babies

Medical Monday: Cholesterol Management

Medical Monday: Atypical heart attacks

Medical Monday: Heart Disease Prevention

Medical Monday: February is American Heart Month

Medical Monday: Surgery for pediatric chest wall abnormalities

Medical Monday: common surgery for boys

Medical Monday:Cardiologist discusses Keto diet

Medical Monday: Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center to reopen entire hospital

Medical Monday: How to have a healthy new year

Medical Monday: Flu Prevention

Hiring event for medical professionals

Medical Monday: Healthy holiday recipe ideas

Medical Monday: protect yourself against the flu

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NBC News Headlines

SpaceX deploys 60 Starlink satellites after successful launch

SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket carrying 60 Starlink satellites that aim to provide high speed internet. This was the highest number of satellites the company has deployed at a single time.

Assange indictment: Advocates see peril for journalism

Leakers and publishers who publish leaks aren't the same, say advocates across the political spectrum.

Weinstein accusers reportedly agree to $44 million settlement

A settlement would have no effect on the producer's criminal case. Weinstein, who has denied all allegations, is set to go trial this fall on five counts, including rape and predatory sexual assault.

Rep. Nadler: Robert Mueller wants to testify to Congress — but in private

Mueller is willing to give a public opening statement but closed-door testimony, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler said.

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange indicted on 17 new charges under Espionage Act

"This is madness. It is the end of national security journalism and the first amendment," WikiLeaks tweeted shortly after the charges were announced.