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Intimacy coordinators work on-set to keep actors safe during sex scenes

“Before Weinstein, the idea of being able to say no in a positive way, wasn’t really a part of the narrative in the industry,” one expert said.

Massive storm hits the Southeast, killing 3

Three men in Rock Hill, South Carolina, were found unresponsive and are believed to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dog that survived California wildfire guarded home for weeks

A dog that survived the catastrophic wildfire in Northern California apparently protected the ruins of his home for almost a month until his owner returned.

In the era of endless robocalls, why telemarketers persist

To make matters more difficult for telemarketers and annoying for consumers, scammers are increasingly employing machines to achieve their shady goals.

Comey says he launched probe into Clinton email leaks before he was fired

The former FBI director also told House committees he was willing to “bet my life” that the Mueller investigation was being conducted with integrity.