Mental health education will now be required in Florida schools

FDLE reviewing whether CFO Patronis violated the law

Immigration groups file suit to block sanctuary city ban

70-year-old ballot order law challenged by Democrats

Opioid deaths down as state celebrates victory in opioid settlement

Governor requests Civil War statue be swapped with civil rights activist

TaxWatch says Florida could lose billions if undercounted in 2020 census

Court ruling threatens to shake up Florida’s medical marijuana industry

Utility companies solidify three-year hardening plans, 10-year plans on the horizon

Panhandle still recovering, worried about future storms

FAMU seeks to educate public about medical marijuana

Election security grants approved for Florida counties

CFO takes flack from both accused and accuser in harassment case

Florida carry challenges FDLE delay

Local counties keeping Highway 231 Welcome Center open

Texting while driving is now a primary offense, but you might not see tickets until 2020

State likely to face difficulties vetting felons for voting eligibility

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NBC News Headlines

GOP group deletes depiction of Democratic congresswomen as 'Jihad Squad'

The group's president says he regrets that the Facebook post was a "distraction" from discussions about the four "socialist" lawmakers.

Town residents claim Trump’s FoxConn factory deal failed them

President Trump announced the plan to build a $10 billion manufacturing hub two years ago, creating 13,000 blue collar jobs -- and in return, securing FoxConn more than $4 billion in tax breaks from the state of Wisconsin. But to make the plant possible, Mt. Pleasant had to borrow money to buy up land -- and now the town’s credit rating has been downgraded.

Rosselló will stay as Puerto Rico governor but won't seek re-election

Rosselló also promises to step down as leader of his party in the wake of hundreds of pages of embarrassing private chats.

U.S. Military calls Venezuelan fighter mission ‘highly reckless’

A close call between the two jets over international waters was caught on camera and shows what officials call an “aggressive shadowing” of a U.S. surveillance plane.

Heat wave breaks records across the country

New York got hotter than Houston this weekend, as cities across the country were hit with days of relentless heat.