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Taking a look at the results from Saturday’s action you can see Mosley doing well at state, in the 110 pound division Samantha Pettis finishes third with a bench of 125, and a clean of 150 pounds.

In the 199 pound division Mosley’s Alyssa Kiessling places 4th with a bench of 140, and clean of 135.

At 129 pounds Mosley’s Alicia Byass takes 5th place benching 155, and cleaning 150.

At 154 pounds Choctaw’s Nicole Corey wins the state championship with a bench press of 170 pounds, and 175 clean.

And at 183 pounds Jamesha King comes in second place with great lifts of 180 pounds on the bench and 175 pounds in the clean.

Mosley got 7th place as a team, and Choctaw picked up enough points to get 6th place.

For more on individual performances visit and click on weightlifting (girls)

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