Locals Enjoy a Game Called "Disc Golf"

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Callaway, FL--- "Disc Golf" may not one of the more popular games in our current sports culture. To that a group of local enthusiasts would say "give it time."

The sport they say is gaining notoriety, especially around the Panhandle.

For starters, those who compete in the sport say if you're looking for a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon with your family than look no further than "disc golf".

Scott Ramsey is the leader of a group called "Panama City Chain Gang".

"Well I think it being a family oriented sport anyone can play it, it's great for families to bond together." Ramsey says. "To play together, gives families more time together. You don't have to be great at it."

The game traces it's roots back to the fifties, but didn't become professional until two decades later, says disc golf professional Kirk Maddox.

"In 1977, Ed Headrick who was the Executive at Wham-O, the big frisbee company, decided to put disc golf as an exhibition inside the Frisbee World Championships in 1977 in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park and that's where Professional Disc Golf was born.

The sport is soaring in popularity right now, it's estimated that nearly 10 million people play disc golf once a year. And the reason for that, is simple, says Ramsey.

"Everybody can play. I don't care if you're 4 or 94. If you can pick up a regular frisbee and just do this and make it go 5 feet, you can play disc golf."

If you would like to give disc golf a try then head to discolfscene.com and search for the Panama City Chain Gang.

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