Night of Fights II to benefit the Logan G. Smith Foundation

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla- Mixed Martial Arts will once again be on display here in Bay County, as The Logan G. Smith Foundation and Ultimate Boxing and MMA put on Night of Fights 2 at the Bay Point Marriott. The MMA Card will not only feature some great fights for the fans, it will also serve a greater purpose.

Night of Fights 1 was a big success in January. The card featured local and regional talent, in front of a packed house.

"It's a good event where people can go and get dressed up, and have a good time," Event Organizer, and Ultimate Boxing/MMA Owner Tim Cilbrith said.

The fight card wasn't just about the fights that night, it's also about helping kids in the community. Proceeds from the event help to fund the Logan G. Smith Foundation.

The Smith foundation is a non-profit group that provides free Boxing and MMA lessons to youth in Bay County.

"We get kids to come in here and it's something they're interested in with the MMA and boxing," Cilbrith added. "We try to train them where they want to compete and stuff. Give them something to focus on."

The Smith foundation is trying to give kids in the area an avenue to stay fit, and stay out of trouble.

"Guys that come in here regularly and stick around are the guys that aren't out there getting into trouble." Ultimate Boxing/MMA student, Peter Snyder said."They take this seriously. It's not the ones that are out there getting in fights or anything like that. It's giving them a positive direction and motivation, and helping them keep that focus."

The success of the first Fight card gave the organizers the motivation to plan for round 2.

Cilbrith said, "Everybody is there to have a good time, and enjoy a good night of entertainment that helps out the kids."

So when you see these fighters going at it in the ring they'll be fighting for more than just a win.

The Logan G. Smith foundation has partnered with Panama City's After School Assistance Program also known as ASAP to help their students learn the skills and discipline of Boxing, and MMA. Night of Fights II is this Saturday at the Bay Point Marriott, general admission tickets are 25 dollars. Read the event press release below for more details.


PANAMA CITY, Fla. - On Saturday, May 14 from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m., doors open at 6:30 CST, The Logan G. Smith Foundation will host its second Boxing and MMA fundraising tournament at the Bay Point Marriott Resort.
There will be five boxing and five mixed martial arts amateur fights with a $25 general admission and is open to the public and for all ages.

This event will showcase competitors from The Logan G. Smith Foundation's Ultimate Boxing/MMA Gym, Team Thor from Lights Out Productions, and various other athletes from across Florida.
In January, The Logan G. Smith Foundation partnered with the City of Panama City's After School Assistance Program (ASAP) to provide boxing and MMA training at no charge. The ASAP program has been "Striving to improve today's youth" since 1993 and they are partnered with the Panama City Junior Service League. Students of ASAP will be among the special guests at the event.

Terri Gainer, the director of ASAP, said," Our students have to earn the right to attend boxing and MMA lessons and it has been a great motivator. Aside from learning discipline and respect, the kids really enjoy it. They are very excited to attend the tournament and have been self motivated to work hard on their behavior and academics in order to earn a seat at the event!"

The Logan G. Smith Foundation is a free boxing and MMA program designed to get kids and young adults off the streets. They believe that by using sports and mentoring, they can teach discipline, respect, good work ethics and skills to adapt to high stress situations. Once an athlete learns these key components of success, they can use them as a formula for success in all areas of their lives.
According to Logan G. Smith Foundation Director Tim Cilbrith, "We keep our young people involved with something that keeps them away from drugs and out of gangs. We talk to them about their goals so we can tailor a training program specific to them. By helping them reach their goals, we can let them know that someone cares about them. Through this we let them know that they DO matter, and with hard work, they CAN succeed in life. "
All proceeds from the event will go directly to Logan G. Smith

Foundation. The Logan G. Smith Foundation, Inc. is a Florida non-profit organization that has been recognized as a charitable organization by the United States Internal Revenue Service since 1997. All donations to the foundation are tax deductible. The mission of the foundation is to promote alternative physical activities and diverse interests for today's young people.

For more information, contact Tim Cilbrith, Director of Operations at (850) 319-7452, Suzy Cilbrith at (850) 960-5415 or email .

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