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Sneads Highlights

Highlights from Sneads' championship softball game Thursday.


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Oregon college student taking pictures dies after falling off side of mountain

Her fall was broken by a tree, which prevented her from falling into the ocean below, and she later succumbed to her serious injuries.

Utah man dies on Everest after reaching goal of climbing each continent's tallest mountain

“He taught us that nothing was impossible,” said the daughter of mountaineer Don Cash, who died while descending from the summit of Mount Everest.

Buffalo Wild Wings former cook claims racial discrimination against him and black customers

The suit said the cook saw the management allow servers to deny service to African Americans "or provide them with subpar service."

'I'm gay': Mormon Republican lawmaker in Utah comes out

“You can be gay and a Republican ... you need to trust that people will love you for who you really are,” Utah County Commissioner Nathan Ivie said.

'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh released from prison after 17 years

Lindh, who U.S. officials say could still be a potentially violent extremist, will be under strict probation terms for three years.