Access to Justice

Hurricane Michael wreaked havoc on local court systems.

Tuesday Morning Weather

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Over the air channel moving

Over the air channel moving

Mental Health in Schools

Bay District Schools continues to focus on students' mental health in the wake of Hurricane Michael.


NBC News Headlines

'Are we going to die?': False emergency alarms set off in Hawaii, again.

Residents in Honolulu were confused and scared after the island's emergency sirens were accidentally set off during a police training.

Doctors trained to spot child abuse can save lives. But when they're wrong, families are torn apart.

The Timmermans lost custody of their 4-month-old son after he suffered a seizure. It took months for them to get him back.

Trump communication reportedly at center of whistleblower complaint

The complaint the administration is withholding from Congress was filed by an intelligence officer after a phone call the president had, according to a former official.

Yep, those are UFOs, Navy says about 3 videos of strange sightings

The U.S. Navy doesn't know exactly what the "unidentified aerial phenomena" seen in the videos are.

Hurricane whips Bermuda, as storms soak Texas and threaten Mexico

Imelda brought "massive sheets of rain and lightning storms," to parts of Texas, and the western coast of Mexico was bracing for Hurricane Lorena.