Arc of the Bay Chefs Cook Lunch

Tue Nov 19 17:31:16 PST 2019

Arc of the Bay Chefs Cook Lunch

Christmas at Sims Veterans Nursing Home Live

Veterans are getting into the Christmas spirit as a party is underway for them.

Tuesday Morning Weather

Latest weather forecast

Panama City Fire Department Trains in Abandoned Complex

The Panama City Fire Department was able to train in the Massalina Apartments Monday. The apartments were damaged during Hurricane Michael.

Smoking on the Beach

The decision to ban smoking on beaches and in parks could soon be in the hands of local governments if a new bill becomes law.

Over the air channel moving

Over the air channel moving

Wanted Purse Snatcher

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies need your help finding the person they say snatched a purse from an elderly woman.


NBC News Headlines

Maryland officer charged with raping two women, assaulting a third

A detective began investigating the allegations after finding out that “several” women were claiming that an officer had sexually assaulted them.

New Mexico man still missing seven months after calling his mom for Mother's Day

Calvin Willie Martinez was last heard from when he called his mother in Farmington, New Mexico, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He told family members he’d return to Farmington soon, but he never did. The Farmington Police Department is investigating.

Man who ate $120,000 banana would've done it sooner but wasn't hungry yet

David Datuna would have done his performance even earlier at Art Basel in Miami, but said, "I was not too hungry."

Former Boeing manager says he warned company of problems prior to 737 crashes

"For the first time in my life, I’m sorry to say that I’m hesitant about putting my family on a Boeing airplane," Ed Pierson wrote to a company executive before the first tragedy.

Walmart Canada removes sweater featuring Santa as a fan of 'grade A, Colombian snow'

The retailer said the sweaters “do not represent Walmart Canada’s values and have no place on our website."