Wed Oct 04 20:50:19 PDT 2017

Michael Lambrix Execution

Michael Lambrix has professed his innocence for 34 years. He is slated to be executed Thursday, October 4th

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Mother of AJ Freund, Chicago 5-year-old found dead, pleads guilty to son's murder

Joann Cunningham faces up to 60 years in prison for the April murder of her son.

Video shows deputy mistakenly shooting suspect's mother, authorities say

The officer unintentionally shot the shoplifting suspect's mother during a confrontation inside a home, authorities said.

Florida couple finds rifle hidden in baby shower gift from Goodwill

The couple's friends purchased what they believed was a baby bouncer at the thrift store. Instead, the sealed box contained a rifle.

Florida GOP candidate admits to racially charged insults to Latino teens

After previous denials. Martin Hyde has admitted to telling a group of tennis players from Puerto Rico to "speak English" and go "cut the grass."

Dye, straighteners may increase breast cancer risk, study finds

A researcher calls the findings "meaningful but small."