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Court Order Upholds Customary Land Use

It gives public rights to use of the beaches.

Judge Mark Walker

Meet the man who will soon decide which votes count this election.

Tuesday Morning Weather

Latest weather forecast

Mark Andersen

Bay County's Supervisor of Elections responds to criticism over the way he handled the recent elections.

Greyhound Racing

The new greyhound racing ban could cost hundreds of locals their jobs.

Over the air channel moving

Over the air channel moving

Jinks Tickets

Jinks Middle School students and staff have been given free tickets for the FSU v. Florida game next weekend.


NBC News Headlines

Sierra Fire erupts near L.A. as death toll in Woolsey Fire rises

The latest death brings the statewide total to 51, which is mostly attributed to the 48 who have been confirmed killed in the Camp Fire 500 miles north in Butte County.

VA official to depart office amid hearing into delayed GI Bill benefits

IT glitches at VA have caused GI Bill benefit payments to be delayed for months or never be delivered, potentially affecting hundred of thousands of veterans.

Death toll rises to 56 in Northern California's Camp Fire

Authorities released a list of 101 people still unaccounted for — and they said that's only a partial list.

New York winner of $343M Powerball jackpot wants to avoid the pitfalls of instant wealth

Robert Bailey, a retired government employee, said he wants to "take care of it for the next generation in my family."

Suspected serial killer Samuel Little may be connected to at least 90 murders

Little, also known as Samuel McDowell, is currently serving three life sentences for strangling three women in the Los Angeles area between 1987 and 1989.