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Weekend Forecast

The weekend is here and so are the cold temperatures! Bundle up!

Free fuel available today at the Callaway Walmart

It's provided through California-based Fuel Relief Fund.

Food truck provides warm meals to those in need

Excaliburger made a trip from the Carolinas to Florida to provide warm meals.

Latest on Panama City Beach

City leaders say it's improving with every hour

Over the air channel moving

Over the air channel moving

Update on Tyndall Air Force Base

Right now, airmen and their families are not allowed to return.


NBC News Headlines

'The Sentence' shows family impact of harsh mandatory sentencing

"I had the opportunity to tell the story you don't see when people are incarcerated, the stories of the families and children left behind."

Michael lays bare Panhandle's weaker building codes

"We are vulnerable as any other part of the state," said a former Florida lawmaker after the Category 4 hurricane hit last week.

Man tries to carjack Houston news van then steals police car

When two police officers showed up, the carjacker pushed one of them down, dragged the other one out of the car drove off with their cruiser, KPRC and police said.

Hostage situation at a German train station ends with one in custody

One person was arrested on Monday after reportedly taking a woman hostage at a German train station.

Same-sex penguin couple incubate egg at Sydney aquarium

After building a nest together from ice pebbles, male penguins Magic and Sphen were given a real egg to foster by the staff at Sydney's Sea Life Aquarium.