Thu Oct 04 20:46:13 PDT 2018

Amendments Forum

The Bay County League of Women Voters held and Amendments Forum for local Thursday.

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NBC News Headlines

Idaho governor signs into law anti-transgender legislation

One bill prohibits trans people from changing the sex on their birth certificates, and the other bans trans girls and women from competing in women’s sports.

New Jersey parents charged with child endangerment for hosting party

"No corona parties. They’re illegal, dangerous, and stupid," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said on Twitter.

Amazon fires warehouse worker who led NYC strike for more coronavirus protection

Amazon confirmed to CNBC that it fired Chris Smalls, a warehouse worker who organized a strike at its Staten Island facility on Monday.

Harry and Meghan bid farewell on last day as British royals

The royal couple step down from official duties and sign-off with final social media post.

11 vets die at Massachusetts facility; 5 tested positive for COVID-19

The superintendent of the Massachusetts veterans home was placed on leave after a series of deaths, including those of some vets who tested positive for COVID-19.