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Local Hospital Reopens

District Girls Weightlifting Meet

Vernon hosted the District 1A-2 District Meet

Tuesday Morning Weather

Latest weather forecast

Girls Weightlifting

Girls competed in the District 1A-2 Meet

Hurricane Michael Recovery

We see how locals are continuing to recover in one part of Panama City.

Over the air channel moving

Over the air channel moving

Fentanyl Dangers

We're learning more about the dangers of Fentanyl after a Jackson County deputy accidentally overrdosed earlier this week.


NBC News Headlines

Les Moonves is going to arbitration to fight for $120M payout from CBS

The entertainment mogul left the network last year under a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations.

Jury awards dishwasher $21 million after boss scheduled her to work Sundays

A jury has awarded Marie Jean Pierre $21.5 million, finding that her boss violated the devout Christian’s religious rights by repeatedly scheduling her to work on Sundays and ultimately firing her.

U.S. military using ‘role players’ for military training exercises

The village of Eugen looks like it’s somewhere in the Middle East, complete with homes, marketplaces, and mosques. But looks can be deceiving. “Eugen” is actually inside California’s Fort Irwin, home to the military’s largest, artificially-constructed town used to train U.S. troops.

25 years after Northridge Quake, is California better prepared?

On this day in 1994, a 6.7 earthquake killed nearly 60 people and destroyed tens of thousands of buildings, resulting in billions of dollars in damage. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer looks into whether the city is ready for another major quake.

Chicago officers cleared of charges they tried to cover up evidence in Laquan McDonald killing

Officer Thomas Gaffney, former officer Joseph Walsh and former Detective David March were acquitted of charges that they tried to cover up evidence to protect fellow officer Jason Van Dyke, later convicted of murder in the death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.