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World Aids Day Studio Interview

Chipley Christmas Tree Farm

Chipley Christmas Tree Farm

Tuesday Morning Weather

Latest weather forecast

South Georgia Tech at No. 15 Chipola

The Indians defend home court in the first game of their two-day Classic.

Over the air channel moving

Over the air channel moving

No. 6 Gulf Coast vs. Polk State highlights

The Commodores fall for the first time in 2019 at the Chipola Classic.


NBC News Headlines

Saudi Air Force member who killed 3 at U.S. Navy base had watched mass-shooting videos

The shooter was at a dinner prior to Friday's rampage at which mass-shooting videos were viewed, an official said.

Elderly couple found dead in snow suspected to have died of exposure

A married couple's bodies were found in snow along a road in rural Arizona where a major wintry storm hit a week ago.

Family of Robert Levinson, held in Iran 13 years, calls prisoner exchange 'bittersweet'

"We can't help but be extremely disappointed that, despite all its efforts, the United States government was unable to secure his release," the family said.

8-year-old reportedly strip-searched during prison visit

The girl was visiting her father when she was led to believe that if she didn't remove her clothes she wouldn't be able to see him, according to reports.

Man caused 'mass panic' at staging violent fight for video, police say

Police said Marcquis Graham, of Philadelphia, and four others staged a "violent altercation" and yelled about guns for a video that was going to be posted on social media.