Arnold soccer prepares for West Florida rematch

Thu Feb 13 21:24:43 PST 2020

Arnold soccer prepares for West Florida rematch

The Marlins host the Jaguars Saturday night.

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For Weinstein accusers, an interminable wait for a verdict

"Whatever way the verdict comes down feels so important — personally and for victims and survivors everywhere.”

California bills aim to shut down dog blood banks accused of abuse, negligence

Animal rights groups say dogs are kept in cages and have their blood drained every week in order to save the life of other pets.

U.S. prepares for pandemic as coronavirus cases rise

In the U.S., the number of confirmed cases rose to at least 34.

Google employee suspected of killing wife in Hawaii released pending investigation

Smriti Saxena, 41, of suburban Seattle went missing Tuesday evening. Her body was found Wednesday.

Mother of missing Idaho children told police her friend had her son. The friend said she was asked to lie.

Tylee Ryan, 17, has not been seen or heard from since Sept. 8. Joshua Vallow, 7, was last seen alive on Sept. 23.