147 dogs rescued, now being sheltered at Alaqua Animal Refuge

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - More dogs were brought to Alaqua Animal Refuge this week. They were rescued from a location that belonged to owners who had already been arrested for felony animal cruelty.

Alaqua Animal Refuge is doing what it can to shelter 147 dogs recently rescued from a hoarding situation in Holmes County. (WJHG/WECP)

Many of these dogs were small and in various stages of health. More than 60 percent tested positive for heartworms.

So Alaqua started a new "Foster to Care" program.

"We're asking for people that have either no animals or have low-active animals that would be able to foster some of our heartworm animals until they are able to go through their treatments," said Alissa Parsons, the Outside Manager at Alaqua Animal Refuge.

And since they're a no-kill animal refuge, Alaqua is doing everything they can to make more room.

"We've relocated some of our animals to different locations on the property, we've taken over the barns as well as the play yards for the dogs," said Gail Hasan, an employee at Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Alaqua managers say they are limited on space because not as many lost dogs were claimed as they initially expected.

"Throughout all 147 dogs, there were only four that had microchips, and what that means is we're not able to reconnect lost dogs to their families," said Parsons.

Families who are looking for lost dogs have until August 28 to contact Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Go to the refuge's website for more information.

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