Medical Monday: Mazor Robot

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center's Robot-Assisted Surgery Department is continuing to grow.

The program began in 2009 with the Da Vinci Robot used for a variety of surgeries. It's now grown to include robots that can be used for joint replacements and other specialties.

"We also have the mazor, which is spine, and it is pinpoint accuracy directly into your spine with impetical screws and to get you back to work faster," said the Operating Room Clinical Manager, Beverly Little.

The goal of robot-assisted surgeries is to improve precision and reduce down time for the patients. This can be accomplished through smaller incisions and additional technology that assists surgeons.

"Right now we have four robots. Hopefully, we'll expand in the future, and we also have a lot of other technology like we have an O-arm, which can take a CAT scan of you during surgery to make sure that when we put in implants, they're in the correct location. We've got them perfectly implanted before we take you out of the operating room," added Little.