Chip Hilton Foundation Donates $25K to First Tee of Northwest Florida

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP)- With the help of a local foundation young school children will be introduced to a sport that can have a lifelong effect.

A group from the Hilton corporation gathered at the Camp Creek Golf Course to donate a sizable check to an organization that introduces golf to young children who would not normally have an opportunity to be exposed to the game. The check was for $25,000 but overall the Chip Hilton Foundation has been able to donate over $100,000 to the organization. "The First Tee of Northwest Florida" works with children from kindergarten through fifth grade as part of the physical education program.
Marty Stanovich, Executive Director of First Tee summarized their efforts, "they lead them to learn the basics using a type of equipment. It's made out of plastic. It's actually called SNAG, starting new at golf. Using the SNAG equipment and tennis balls essentially they're able to learn the fundamentals of golf in a very safe environment."

Bill Husfelt , Superintendent of Bay District Schools, added "if we could teach all our children golf, it would have benefits we couldn't even imagine right now that would be life impacting."

Mr. Janovich also said that golf scholarships for girls is one of the least used scholarships in the country.