Skoolies: new small living spaces

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (CBS) - You’ve heard of the Tiny Houses Movement. Houses that are built to have a footprint of 12x24. Now some people are taking tiny homes to a new level.

College student Lydia Dreyer bought a retired school bus for $4,000 and spent the next year converting it into a small living space called a "Skoolie." She's part of a growing number of untraditional home seekers looking for affordable housing.

These so-called "Skoolies" are especially popular in cities with high rents and home prices. People picked up on the “Skoolie” idea pretty quick too because they're a low cost option to get into this and convert a bus and be very safe. And in a 276-square foot space -- every inch counts.

Lydia uses her tub as a washer for clothes and the bus's rooftop has solar panels and a windmill to generate energy to power batteries. She says in all, the renovation cost $25,000.