Alternate forms of transportation explored at expo in South Walton

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Walton county residents and visitors say traffic on County Road 30A is a problem.

Residents and visitors say traffic on County Road 30A can get congested, especially during peak season. (WJHG/WECP)

"We are a unique community, anywhere in the state of Florida we have so many bicyclists, so many pedestrians, and electric scooters are a new wave coming. People want to be out and walk and enjoy what we have to offer," said Matthew Lambert, Senior Transportation Planner for Walton County.

Trolleys, bikes, electric cars, and even driver-less vehicles are just some of the new forms of transportation the county is looking at to make mobility easier.

Walton County planning manager Kristen Shell said they want to reduce the amount of vehicles on the roads.

"Well we're looking at different ways to get people around on 30-A because we know we're going to continue to have increased traffic, and we're looking for innovative, unique ways to get people around that are cost efficient and that don't involve a private automobile," said Shell.

"I mean I think it's a great idea, I like the way it looks, I would love to see it go up and down the coast,” said Ann Daigle, who is visiting Seaside.

Daigle said the driver-less vehicles are a great way to get people around 30A.

"It would be amazing. If it could get people out of their cars and encourage more walking to get on it, and more bicycling, I think it would be great," said Daigle.

Walton County leaders are also exploring ways to add specific lanes for the alternate forms of transportation.

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