Annual Advocates for Children Charity Golf Tournament raising money for group helping children

Last year Hurricane Michael caused a lot of events to be canceled, including the annual Advocates for Children Charity Golf Tournament. Not the case this year.

The annual Advocates for Children Charity Golf Tournament will take place October 18th. (Pixabay)

Fred Hapner, the Circuit Director of Guardian ad Litem for Children, joined us Monday to tell us about the golf tournament which is going on this year.

Hapner says the money the group raises helps offset the typical costs of being a kid, like church or summer camps, clothes, shoes, etc. Currently the group is helping 700 kids in this circuit, 500 in Bay County alone.

The 4th annual Advocates for Children Charity Golf Tournament is October 18th. Registration and lunch is at 11:30 a.m. and a shotgun start is at 12:30 p.m.

It cost $100 per person. The group hopes to raise $20,000.

If you don't want to participate in the golf tournament, there are other ways you can help the group. Many volunteers left our area after Hurricane Michael, so they're looking for people to help out.

If you would like to register for the golf tournament, email, or call 850-747-5180. For more information on the Guardian ad Litem program, visit googletag.cmd.push(function() { //all 728x90s except in story //728x90 for desktop/tablet, resize to 320x50 for mobile var mapping728 = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([0, 0], [320, 50]).addSize([700, 0], [728,90]).build(); googletag.defineSlot('/63316753/wjhg/web/wecp/interviews', [728,90],'gdm-ad-728x90-A').setTargeting("posn",["01"]).defineSizeMapping(mapping728).addService(googletag.pubads()); googletag.pubads().collapseEmptyDivs(); googletag.pubads().enableAsyncRendering(); googletag.pubads().setSafeFrameConfig({sandbox: true}); googletag.enableServices(); });