Association of St. Jude gives away donations

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PARKER, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Every year, the Association of St. Jude has a flea market fundraiser, but this year, things switched up a bit.

The association collects donations year round for the flea market, but since Hurricane Michael hit the area, that changed how they run the market this year.

Instead of charging people for items, the group placed their items in front of their storage site in Parker and allowed people to take what they need.

"We've lost the building, the real estate company that let us use it, they've sold the building so we're getting everything out so we figured we might as well just give it away, let people that need it get it and it was crammed full of furniture, almost all the furniture's gone and now it's basically down to just a few knick-knacks and clothing is all we got left," said President of the Association of St. Jude Incorporated Mike Dwyer.

The giveaway went until 2 p.m.