Bay District students observe Computer Science Education Week, learn how to code

SOUHTPORT, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Students are putting their skills to the test this week during Computer Science Education Week.

As part of the week, Bay District Schools students participated in "Hour of Code," where they learned the basics of computer coding.

Southport Elementary students participated by learning how to code during time in the school's media center.

With the help of some Star Wars characters, students learned how to program the droid "BB-8" to move on their computer screens.

The hope with the week is to introduce students to the career possibilities in the field of computer science.

"So that's why we're wanting to get them interested in it at a young age, so that they'll continue to love it and grow," Cayla Anderson, Media Specialist for Southport Elementary, said.

During Hour of Code, students learned how to tell their programs what to do, as well as what machines require coding, such as ATMs, computers, and video games.