Bill filed to remove outdated gay marriage ban

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - LGBTQ Activists and Democratic lawmakers are touting new legislation that would repeal the state’s outdated ban on same-sex marriage.

While Florida’s ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ was officially overturned by a Federal court in 2014, the language was never officially removed from statute. Sponsor Senator Jose Rodriguez says repealing the law once and for all would be a way of correcting history.

“This discriminatory language in our statutes does not defend marriage. It does the exact opposite. The highest court in the state of Florida, the highest court in the land has defined what marriage is and has undone the discrimination that remains in our statutes," said Rodriguez. "This is a simple fix. Let's make sure our statutes don't discriminate and conform to the constitution.”

The group also condemned an Executive Order issued by Governor Ron DeSantis Tuesday that reaffirmed that state’s anti-discrimination policies. They say this is because it arbitrarily excluded protections for gender identity and sexual orientation.