British cave diver rescued from Tennessee cave by Marianna diver

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TENNESSEE (CNN) - A British cave diver, who was part of a major 2018 rescue operation, gets rescued himself.

Josh Bratchley disappeared in a Tennessee cave Tuesday.

Roughly 24 hours later he was back above-ground thanks, in part, to Marianna cave diver Edd Sorenson.

Bratchley and four other experienced divers were exploring a cave. When the group came out, they realized Bratchley was missing.

Sorenson flew into Tennessee after getting an early-morning call. Once he reached the cave, it took him less than an hour to get to Bratchley.

"Edd entered here, came through this passageway here," said Lt. Brian Krebs of the Chattanooga Hamilton County Rescue Service while gesturing to a map of the cave, "and then found Josh right here in the space that we thought."

"He looked like a snowman, but of mud. He was head-to-toe mud, there was maybe a few spots on his cheeks that were not covered in mud, and I mean covered," Sorenson said.

Authorities say Bratchley was in good mental status as he waited to be rescued.

"He was awake, alert and oriented. His only request when he got to the surface was that he wanted some pizza," said Derek Woolbright of Jackson County Emergency Management in Tennessee.

Bratchley was among the divers involved in last year's rescue of 12 schoolboys and their soccer coach in a flooded cave in Thailand.