Callaway removes almost 1 million cubic yards of debris

Callaway, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The city of Callaway has removed almost one million cubic yards of debris, and they're still going.

As 2018 ends, Callaway still has debris piled up near the streets.

City officials say they're planning on starting their final pass for debris pickup on May 1.

Officials say they estimate the final cost for debris removal will be around $25 million.

In addition to debris pickup, the city is starting up programs for both commercial and private property debris removal.

Ed Cook, the City Manager for Callaway said, "This is all set up so that if your insurance didn't cover enough or if you didn't have insurance, if you had trees down, or if your structure needs to be removed. This is the time to come out here to the Arts and Conference Center or any city building, and pick up an application."

Officials say to bring a valid driver's license, a copy of the deed to your residence, and proof of insurance if you had it when you come to apply for the programs.