Callaway residents frustrated over flooding issues

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CALLAWAY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - "You can't imagine how it feels... unless you've been through it," said Callaway Resident Charlotte Harrell.

Callaway residents James and Charlotte Harrell are having to renovate their home again due to flooding in the area. (WJHG/WECP)

Charlotte and her husband James finished repairing their home from Hurricane Michael just three weeks ago. But now, they're having to do it all over again.

They were in their home when water started seeping in and they had to leave right away.

The couple says their home isn't in a flood zone. But they say since the early 90s when the City of Callaway filled in a holding pond behind their home, it has flooded four times.

Now they want to see something done.

"I'm too old for this. I'm too old for Callaway to put me on the back burner, we don't have that many productive years here, if we have any at all," said James.

City officials say the drains in the area are free-flowing, and they're doing everything they can to drain water throughout the whole city.

"There are some drainage over there in the area that we will be working on. And trust me, I hate it. We had several homes in the city that got water in them but once again you're talking about an unprecedented rainfall of 10 to 14 inches," said Callaway City Manager Ed Cook.

Officials say they have a $3.2 million grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to also help with drainage issues and the project should be completed by February.

"I totally sympathize and we're gonna work every way we can with him to try to help and see if there's anything that we can do to go ahead and fix the problems," said Cook.

"We just wanna live happy and we wanna live here," said James.

After we met with the Harrells and the city manager Tuesday, they all met together to help come up with a solution.

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