Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sees increase in flu activity

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Flu season is upon us and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is seeing an uptick in positive flu cases in the United States.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force / MGN

"They're saying to go ahead and be preventive versus waiting until you test positive sometimes because the flu season is so bad," Sheila Sanders, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center, said.

Sanders told us the emergency room has seen more than 20 positive flu cases this week.

"Flu season is going to hit an all-time high coming up in February, so each week, we're seeing more and more positive flus. So as soon as you start feeling bad or start getting the symptoms of the body aches, the fever, the chills, the coughing, to get the anti-viral," she said.

People can help prevent the spread of the flu by covering their mouths with their elbow when they cough, wearing a mask if they are showing symptoms, and washing their hands.

Sanders also recommended getting the flu vaccine as the "number one" line of defense.

She also suggested seeing a primary care physician, for those who have one, to receive the anti-viral. Children who show flu-like symptoms should also be kept at home.