Child activates pepper spray during senior recognition ceremony

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - High school senior recognition ceremonies are usually moving, but one in our area had people moving out the door.

According to a post on Bay District Schools' Twitter account, an incident with pepper spray caused the ceremony to stop while people cleared out.

The post reads, "Everyone is fine at Mosley’s Senior Rec but we’re taking a short break while we clear the air after a child activated pepper spray on a parent’s keychain."

We spoke to one parent about her experience at the ceremony.

She said, "And you started coughing, you thought you were going to get physically ill, I know my throat starts swelling, eyes, and I wasn't the only one."

She told us people went back into the gymnasium after the room was cleared out, but she and her daughter opted not to.

According to the Bay District Schools Code of Student Conduct and Discipline, a student's possession of a chemical propellant spray qualifies for major disciplinary measures.

We reached out to the district to find out if there is a consequence for adults who do the same. We are waiting to hear back at this time.

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