Clearing the air about some flu myths

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - As cases of the flu are on the rise, it seems myths about the virus are spreading almost as quickly as the sickness itself.

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From fevers to body aches, many local clinics and doctor offices are saying they are filling up daily with patients who suffer from symptoms of the flu.

"It's one of the busier years that I can recall seeing. I know statistically, according to the CDC, it's the busiest year since about 2009 and we still have cases rolling in so those cases are still being tallied but basically it's the busiest it's been for about 10 years nationwide," said Michael Harris a doctor with Healthpoint Medical Group.

Doctors said they're hearing a wide range of questions from patients, such as how long you are contagious and whether the shot is effective.

"If it can help you, you're trying to help more than just yourself. You're trying to help your family, your friends, your kids, your friends' kids, so the more people that get vaccinate, the more we can kind of knock down the pool of virus that is floating around," said Harris.

Harris said you can be contagious up to 10 days after showing symptoms.

"Technically, you could be contagious up to a day before you start to show symptoms. You're going to be in your most contagious probably in day[s] three to five, so when you're really having high fevers and phlegm production and all that," Harris explained.

He also says if you're concerned about getting the virus twice, it is possible, but very unlikely.