Compass Lake in the Hills assessment fee concerns

JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Lot owners in Compass Lake in the Hills pay an annual assessment fee of $95. That fee covers the road and volunteer fire departments.

"It's disheartening when you buy something in a development and you expect to be able to use everything that's been advertised and you can't use it because it's not working," Compass Lake in the Hills resident Penny Tillotson said.

When the Compass Lake in the Hills budget is approved, Jackson County gives a portion of the money back to residents for necessary repairs.

Tillotson said it's the amount of money the county has given back that's caused concern.

"The budget problems have been going on for at least two years that we haven't received anything... enough to do the repairs and such that we need," Tillotson said.

Tillotson is also a volunteer firefighter. She said the trucks and equipment are in bad shape-- which makes them vulnerable.

"We have to call on people who are at other departments in other parts of town to come and leave basically their area unprotected to come and help us," Tillotson said.

She said they usually call the Alford and Cottondale volunteer fire departments for help.

"They're always really good to us with coming to help us," Tillotson said. "We want to get our stuff fixed so we can return the favor and come to them when they need it."

NewsChannel 7/Local 18 News reached out to Jackson County officials for comment. In a statement they said, "Due to pending litigation, the county has no comment at this time."