Cyber Monday affecting local businesses

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Many businesses in our area have a unique charm you can't find anywhere else.

Cyber Monday is negatively affecting some local businesses. (WJHG/WECP)

"I don't have many things here that you can find online," said Ben Liggin, the owner of Native Spirit Museum and Gallery.

Liggin's shop doesn't have an online presence so he says Cyber Monday's affect is hard to feel.

"Here, it really doesn't seem to affect me that much as far as I can tell but I know that it does because everybody's at home on the computer," said Liggin.

Some local business owners say when people aren't coming into the brick and mortar shops, it can negatively impact their business.

"We're kinda losing a little bit of business, especially being that Monday is super slow here in St. Andrews," said Christina Tolbert, the owner of The Blissful Cottage.

While many at home are focusing on the Cyber Monday savings, some don't realize the cost retailers pay to get there.

"To put fourth an extra $400, more or less, for a website. It's expensive so it does affect us," said Tolbert.

But there's more for the shop owner than just posting photos online.

"On the retailers side of it, it's quite involved because now you have to take the order, you have to take the information as to where to send it and then you have to ship it," said Tolbert.

Many local shops use social media to promote the business and sales and specials going on. But for more of our local shops, the goal is to get you offline and on-site.

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