Democrats push for working class tax breaks

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - Florida Democrats continue to push for tax breaks for working people, arguing the poor need a break more than rich Floridians.

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Their idea to give a tax rebate based on the amount people receive in the Federal Earned Income Credit has fallen on deaf ears from the Republican leadership.

Sarah Harness grew up poor and says the income tax return her family received fed them for the summer.

“Whenever we got a tax rebate, that would be how we paid for the things we needed. There was times when we would not have any food in the house until the taxes came around. And we would spend $600 or $700 on the cheapest, most unhealthy food so we could make it through summer. This is the reality for many Americans, and it's absolutely upsetting,” said Harness.

Twenty-nine other states have some form of tax rebates for the poor.

Under Florida Democrats' plan, individuals would receive an amount equal to ten percent of their federal tax credit.